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November 14, 2019

Use TACOS to help you make smarter choices about the way you approach work and personal priorities.

July 18, 2019

Sometimes you just need to go for it… take a deep breath, walk out on that limb, and reach for what you want. Read on to learn 3 lessons from the birds to help you reach for your goals.

January 22, 2018

I am a firm believer that practice makes possible.  My perspective is that you must prepare for the activities you want to pursue by learning, or at least understanding, the skills required.  This way you are ready to open the door when opportunity knocks....

January 12, 2018

Creating a personal support system, that enables and nurtures growth, is a key aspect of personal identity construction and leadership development. Networks are characterized by components that bond or bridge relationships to serve a specific purpose.  Within a persona...

December 21, 2017

Over the years many managers have asked me to focus on creating processes and establishing expectations that are consistent and repeatable.  As a good corporate citizen, I bought in and adopted the mantra.  In hind-sight, I wish I had a quarter for every time I asked s...

October 17, 2017

Nothing frustrates me more than when a tester labels themselves as a manual tester. Manual testing does not mean human-hands-on-keyboards. Please delete this erroneous definition from your mind.

Manual testing is the act of validating software functionality by mimickin...

August 16, 2017

Talents become strengths when you can consistently apply them to achieve positive outcomes via near-perfect performance.  Consistency develops through practice and the ability to focus the power of your innate talents. Unfortunately, when asked to list their talents, m...

July 6, 2017

At a Diversity & Inclusion conference a couple years ago, I attended a session on generational differences.  I expected to learn a few tidbits that I would share with my co-workers and possibly integrate into my leadership repertoire.  I got SO much more than tidbits f...

July 6, 2017

I studied Accounting as an undergrad.  My senior year I was all set to take the CPA exam and start the interview process.  Big 5 … 4 … 3 here I come! You can read the formal bio on the About Me page … zero mentions of accounting.  So, what happened?


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