Growing Software: Gardening Advice for Better Harvests

growing software, harvesting results

At a Diversity & Inclusion conference a couple years ago, I attended a session on generational differences. I expected to learn a few tidbits that I would share with my co-workers and possibly integrate into my leadership repertoire. I got SO much more than tidbits from that session. That day, I connected with a wonderful mentor, role model, and inspirational leader.

Jones’ most recent book is Always Growing. In this entertaining and educational read, David, a leader who may have bitten off more than he can chew in his new role, uses lessons learned from his sister’s gardening expertise to improve conditions in his department. Through David’s activities we learn the importance of growing, cultivating, pruning, and harvesting to channel our energy into achieving desired objectives.

Instead of a traditional book review I’ve taken Jones gardening advice and integrated it into my world – software development. The seeds sown to develop software are ideas and innovations designed to create value somewhere in the business model of an organization. Software may not grow on trees but what could happen if we pretended that it did?

Let’s look at software development through a gardening lens, as outlined in Always Growing, to find out.

GROW. Create the environment that gives a plant the best chance to grow. The circumstances (light, temperature, and soil conditions) matter.